Return to sender

When you receive incorrect mail and you want to return it.

If you have received mail that was not meant for you, you can return it using our Return to Sender service.

Simply write ‘return to sender’ on the front of the envelope and post as normal. It will be returned to sender if there is a sender's address.

If there is no sender’s address then it will be sent to New Zealand Post’s Returned Letters Office and will be dealt with in accordance with the Postal Services Act 1998.

There are a few things you need to know about items being returned overseas:

  • Letters, small parcels and all registered mail are returned to the country they were sent from.
  • Parcels that are insured or over 2kg, and courier items, are dealt with according to the instructions on the customs declaration or consignment note.
  • Printed papers are only returned to the country they were sent from if specifically requested by the sender. This must be marked on the item in the language of the destination country.