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How postcodes work

Postcodes are four digits and each digit has a specific meaning.

The first digit of the postcode represents one of ten machine 'lines' (numbered 0 - 9), which process mail for a specific geographic region. These run north to south in ascending order.

The second and third digits reflect postal sort areas and our New Zealand Post delivery network - urban posties, New Zealand Post PO Boxes, Private Bags and RuralPost.

The fourth digit identifies the specific box lobby, rural delivery round or urban area.

How to use postcodes

A postcode should be used on all addresses. If the postcode contains a leading zero, this zero must be included. The postcode must not include separators or spaces.

There are only one or two spaces between town/city and postcode, for example:

  • Auckland 1112
  • Christchurch 8110

For more details download the Quick guide to addressing your letters and parcels (PDF - 154KB)

Find a New Zealand Post postcode for urban streets, rural delivery areas and box lobbies with our postcode directories.

New suburban developments and changes in postal delivery mean that postcode information changes regularly. For the most up to date information check the Address & Postcode Finder.

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Postcode information can also be accessed in other ways to suit a variety of business and household needs:

If you are looking for a postcode, you can find it quickly with our Address and Postcode finder.


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