KiwiStamp postage stamp

Use the non-denominated KiwiStamp postage stamps to send letters and documents by Standard Post and FastPost within New Zealand.

You can use multiple KiwiStamps on a range of Standard Post and FastPost letter sizes so you won’t have to buy make up value stamps.

Required postage Medium letter Large letter Oversize letter
Max height x length 130 x 235mm 165 x 235mm 260 x 385mm
Max thickness 6mm 10mm 20mm
Max weight
(includes envelope)
500g 500g 1kg
Standard Post 1 x KiwiStamp 2 x KiwiStamps 3 x KiwiStamps
FastPost 1 x KiwiStamp + $0.60 2 x KiwiStamps + $0.50 3 x KiwiStamps + $0.40

For letters sent using FastPost, you still need to attach a blue FastPost indicator sticker to the top left hand corner of the envelope. You can still add 2 x KiwiStamps to a medium FastPost letter however you will pay 20c more for postage than required.

The KiwiStamp gives you ease and convenience. Each stamp will always be worth the required postage of a Standard Post medium domestic letter.

Using KiwiStamps on other items

The KiwiStamp has been designed for easy use on Standard Post letters, but is also valid postage on all domestic parcels and most international items. If you're using KiwiStamps in this instance, it's likely you'll need to use a combination of KiwiStamps and denominated stamps to make up the total required postage for the item.

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