Inflight redirection terms and conditions

New Zealand Post Limited (“we”, “our” or “us”) offers the Inflight Redirection service so parcels addressed to you at one address can be redirected (“Inflight Redirection service”).

By using the Inflight Redirection service you agree to these terms and conditions.

Our liability for the item

Our contract to deliver the item is with the sender, so if the item you redirect goes missing or is damaged on delivery, you still need to follow the claims process set out in our Postal Users’ Guide i.e. contact the sender so they can follow up the matter with us (for international postal items, you may need to contact the relevant postal sending authority). Our liability for loss or damage is limited to the amount specified for the particular service as set out in our Postal Users’ Guide plus reimbursement of postage if the item has been lost. This is payable to the sender, unless they waive that right. We have no liability for delay in delivery, nor for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or cost, however it arises.

Use of the service

  • You agree not to use the Inflight Redirection service:
    • To redirect items intended for any person or business that has not given you authority to do so; or
    • For any fraudulent or unlawful purpose.
  • The new delivery address must be within 75km of the original delivery address.
  • The Service is for domestic Courier and Economy Courier items and international inbound parcels and courier items only.
  • You agree not to use the Inflight Redirection service for any Prohibited Item.
  • Your request for redirection must be given before the item is scanned as Out For Delivery.
  • The Service does NOT cover:
    • Letters, mail or untracked parcel items;
    • Domestic Economy (previously ParcelPost Tracked) items;
    • Returns (Courier & Economy)
    • Items addressed to a PO Box or Private Bag (Items for a PO Box can only be redirected by contacting your box lobby);
    • Items delivered by a local postal operators that is not NZ Post;
    • Items delivered domestically by an international operator that is not NZ Post;
    • Items from your overseas address to a New Zealand address. If you have moved to New Zealand from an overseas address, the redirection must be put in place with the postal operator in your country of origin;
    • Items being redirected to an address outside the NZ Post network (eg, a Box operated by another New Zealand postal operator)
    • Newspapers and circulars.
  • Items redirected to a Collect My Parcel location will be held for up to 10 days. If they are not collected at the end of 10 days the item will be returned to sender. You will be notified by email when you parcel is ready to collect. See our information on Collect my Parcel locations.
  • You acknowledge that we may at our sole discretion refuse to redirect the item to the specified location for any reason at any time (including, for example, if your item does not comply with the requirements set out in the Postal Users' Guide or our Service Terms - Courier Services; or if the specified location is not a valid New Zealand delivery address within the NZ Post network), and that we will not be responsible or liable to you in any way (except as required by law) for refusing to redirect the item. Items not redirected may, at our absolute discretion, be sent to the original address specified on the item, or be dealt with in accordance with the sender’s instructions on the item for return or destruction.


  • Please note that if you redirect your item to an address, this may delay any previously estimated delivery date.
  • Delivery of your item is considered complete when the item is delivered to the redirection address you have given us, or delivered to the original address specified on the item, or delivery is attempted to the original address and returned as undeliverable.
  • Delivery means:
    • For non-signature items, if there is no one at the address when we deliver the item, it may be left in a place that is weatherproof and out of public view. If there is no suitable place, we may leave a Missed my Parcel Card at the delivery address. The card will explain where the parcel can be collected from.
    • For signature required items, delivery of the item is considered complete when we collect your signature, or the signature of your authorised agent, at the delivery address. If no one is at the address when we try to deliver the item, or we cannot get access to the delivery address, we will leave a Missed my Parcel Card at the delivery address (or a place we think is appropriate if we cannot get access to the delivery address). The card will explain where the parcel can be collected from.
  • Subject to our right to refuse your redirection request, we will use our reasonable endeavours to implement your redirection request, however we cannot guarantee that your parcel will be intercepted in time to be redirected (ie. before it is scanned as out for delivery (OFD) from the depot).
  • NZ Post reserves the right to cancel the Inflight Redirection service at any time.