ParcelPod Terms and Conditions

Use of this website and the ParcelPod service is subject to the:

How do these terms & conditions work?

These terms and conditions apply to your access to and use of the ParcelPod website and the provision of the Service by New Zealand Post Limited (we, us, and our) to you. Terms with a capitalised initial letter in these terms have the meaning set out in the Definitions section.

We use the phrase “these terms” to cover all of these terms and conditions and any document referred to in these terms and conditions, each as varied from time to time.

Please read these terms carefully before you start using the Service. By accessing and using the ParcelPod website and/or the Service you agree to be bound by these terms. If you don’t accept them, you should not use the ParcelPod website or the Service.

We may change the Service, the functionality or content of the ParcelPod website and/or these terms at any time by email notice to you and posting changes to the ParcelPod website. We will give you at least 14 days’ notice before making such changes, and you may choose to terminate your registration or comply with the new requirements. Your continued use of the ParcelPod website and/or the Service after that time will mean you agree to those changes.

What is the Service?

The Service allocates you a ParcelPod ID, which gives you a delivery address to access for extended hours, 7 days a week. You can give this delivery address to people who are sending parcels to you. We will send you a notification by email when your parcel is ready for collection. On receiving the notification, you take your Box key to the Box Lobby, collect the relevant one-use ParcelPod Key from your allocated Box, collect your parcel from the ParcelPod, and return the ParcelPod Key via the Box Lobby mail returns slot.


How to register - To access and use the Service, you will need to register following the steps set out on the ParcelPod website, and pay the specified fee. You will need to visit your selected Box Lobby to collect your Box key and complete the registration process.

Use of your information – You declare that you have the appropriate authority and consent to provide the registered details to us and for us to use that information for providing the Service to you. We will comply with the Privacy Statement set out in our website terms. We may use your registered details to confirm your identity, and for various purposes to provide the Service to you including enabling other agencies to contact you to pay any customs duty or GST on international parcels.

Your account – If we accept your registration, you will be provided with a ParcelPod ID. Your ParcelPod registration details, including your ParcelPod ID, and the Box key allocated to you are personal to you and may not be disclosed to or used by any other person. If you do, this is at your risk. You may amend your registration details, including communication preferences, at any time.

Payment process – The amount and process for payment for the Service is detailed on the ParcelPod website. Payment must be made in advance, and is non-refundable. You declare that you are the owner of the credit or debit card used by you for making payment through the ParcelPod website or are authorised by the owner of that credit or debit card to make such payment. We do not collect or hold any credit/debit card information in respect of payments made through the ParcelPod website, unless you have opted to use the automatic renewal process. Before providing your credit/debit card details, you will be transferred to a secure server provided by our payment service provider. Your credit/debit card data will be used to complete payment and will be stored securely by DPS. We will give you 14 days’ notice of the due date for payment of any renewal or new fee or debit date for your automatic renewal for use of the Service.

Other terms may also apply

Our website terms and conditions also apply to your access to and use of the ParcelPod website and are incorporated in and form part of these terms. The term “website”, when used in the website terms and conditions, includes the ParcelPod website. If there is any inconsistency between these terms and the website terms and conditions, these terms shall prevail.

If you also use our standard PO Box service, the PO Box Terms and Conditions continue to apply to you in relation to that standard PO Box service.

What we will do

Provide the Service – We will try to provide the Service to you, as described on the ParcelPod website from time to time and in accordance with these terms.

Provide ParcelPod Key – If you give a Sender your valid ParcelPod Address, the Sender’s carrier delivers your parcel to the ParcelPod. When the parcel has been loaded into the ParcelPod for collection, we will send you an email notifying that it is available for collection. The relevant one-use ParcelPod Key will be available from your Box for you to use to collect your parcel from the ParcelPod. If the item is small enough, it may be left in your Box.

Collection from elsewhere – We may send you a notification to collect your parcel from an alternative location (our depot or the Box Lobby counter during normal Box Lobby hours), if:

  • a ParcelPod locker of the relevant size is unavailable when your parcel arrives at the specified ParcelPod;
  • the parcel has been sent by a Sender who, or a service that, requires a physical signature (eg Registered Post from overseas); or
  • you have not collected your parcel within 48hrs following email notification so we have taken the parcel from the ParcelPod and it is now in storage for your collection.

What you must do

Use the correct address – You must give to the Sender your valid ParcelPod Address in the format set out on the ParcelPod website. If not, we may not be able to deliver your parcel to you. We may, at our discretion, attempt to identify the appropriate recipient, send the parcel to our Returned Letter Office as undeliverable, return the parcel to the Sender, or follow the Sender’s instructions on the parcel for return or destruction.

Comply with instructions – You agree to comply with all instructions on the ParcelPod website or supplied to you, and any signage on the ParcelPod when using the Service, including returning the ParcelPod Key immediately after use.

Your responsibilities – You agree to comply with all legal requirements, including any age restrictions, for goods ordered by you for delivery to, or otherwise received by you at, your ParcelPod Address. You or the Sender remain the owner of the parcel at all times and are responsible for your parcel, including any associated costs of delivery. We are not responsible or liable to you for any failure or delay in delivery of your parcel to you (except as required by law), any acts or omissions of the Sender, including a refusal to deliver goods to your ParcelPod Address or any conditions (including additional charges) or restrictions placed by the Sender on such delivery, or any dissatisfaction with the contents of your parcel.

Security – You must comply with the security requirements contained in our website terms and conditions, including keeping secure your password, the Box Lobby access code, the Box key allocated to you, and each one-use ParcelPod Key. If these are not kept secure, and any ParcelPod Key returned immediately after use, you are responsible for any unauthorised activity on your account or access to your parcel in the ParcelPod, and for any losses incurred by us or another user of our services as a result. We are not liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with these obligations. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorised use of your account or password, any lost key or any other breach of security.

We will supply you with two Box keys, which remain our property at all times. All keys must be returned to us if the Service to you expires or is terminated. If you lose a Box key or ParcelPod Key, or do not return it, you must pay us the cost of replacing the relevant lock and keys.

What you must not do

You must not order for delivery to your ParcelPod Address:

  • any Prohibited Item;
  • any parcel which does not meet the minimum or maximum size or weight limits for the Service (as set out on the ParcelPod website);
  • letters or standard mail; or
  • any parcel with contents with a value of more than NZ$2,000.

If we consider that your parcel does not comply with these requirements, we may, at our discretion, contact you for redirection instructions, make the parcel available for collection from a location notified to you, return the parcel to the Sender, destroy the parcel, or follow the Sender’s instructions on the parcel for its return or destruction. We are not liable for, and will not pay compensation for, loss of, or damage to, any such parcel, even if we arrange for the redirection, collection or return of the parcel. You are responsible to us for any applicable redirection, storage, return or destruction charges, and any damage or loss of any kind suffered by us or any other person, caused by that parcel.

You must not allow anyone else to use the ParcelPod ID or any Box key allocated to you. Any such use is solely at your risk.

Your Box is only to enable the delivery to you of parcels sent to your ParcelPod Address. You must not use it for letters, or for PO Box addressed mail items of any kind, unless you have also registered and paid for our standard PO Box or Private Bag service. You must not put any item into the Box. You must promptly return to us any mail item found in the Box that is not addressed to you.

Our liability

Delivery authorisation – Your use of the Service is your authorisation to us to leave any signature-required parcel in the ParcelPod without collecting a signature on delivery of your parcel. You agree that your use of the ParcelPod Service to collect your parcel will be deemed to be your signature in evidence of your acceptance, and delivery of, your parcel.

Limits on liability – We are not responsible to you for the contents of your parcel. If your parcel is lost or damaged, please contact your Sender. They may be able to make a claim against the Sender’s carrier. If there is any fault with our Service to you, our liability to you is limited to the amount you paid for the Service, subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Making a claim – Any claim by you for a fault in the Service to you must be made in writing and received by us within 14 days after your parcel was, or should have been, available for collection. We will have no liability to you for claims made after this period. You must comply with the procedures, and provide us with the information, set out on for making a compensation claim.

Exclusions of liability – We are not liable to you for inadequate labelling or addressing of your parcel, incomplete, insufficient or incorrect information given by you to us or any Sender, any failure by you to comply with these terms, any Force Majeure Event, or anything which happens after delivery.

We have no liability whatsoever (even if we breach these terms) for:

  • loss or erasure of any electronic information or data on any items in your parcel;
  • any Prohibited Item;
  • if you are using the Service for the purposes of a business, any consequential or indirect loss or damage, loss of profits or economic loss; or
  • a claim for compensation made outside the timeframes set out in these terms or without providing the claims details that we ask for,

or where these terms otherwise exclude our liability. This exclusion of liability applies regardless of whether a claim you may have is in contract, tort (including for negligence) or under legislation.

Business use - You agree that, where you use the Services for the purpose of your business, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993 do not apply to the provision of the Service to you.

Ending the Service

We may end – We may, in our absolute discretion and without prior notice, suspend or terminate your ParcelPod ID or your access to the Service, if we determine that you have breached these terms in any way (including if we believe that you are using the Service for, or to facilitate, any illegal or inappropriate act or activity, or not paid any charges due to us). We may also suspend or terminate the Service at any time in our absolute discretion, on 14 days’ notice.

You may end – You can stop using the Service at any time, but the fee paid is non-refundable and your ParcelPod account will remain active until the end of the current term. You will continue to receive Service notices until the end of that term.

Parcels in transit – If your access to the Service is suspended or terminated for any reason, any parcel still in transit after the suspension or termination date may, at our absolute discretion, be delivered to your ParcelPod Address, the physical address in your registration details or to a redirection address provided to us by you, made available for collection from a location notified to you by email, sent to our Returned Letter Office as undeliverable, returned to Sender, or be dealt with in accordance with the Sender’s instructions on the parcel for return or destruction. You are responsible for any applicable redirection, storage, return or destruction charges, and may be required to pay a per item handling charge.


Any notice or communication from us to you will be treated as having been received by you if it is sent to the email address you have provided through the ParcelPod website for the purposes of using the Service.

If you need to contact us you can use any of the methods described on our Contact and support page.


“Box” means the PO Box allocated to you for your use for the Service.

“Box Lobby” means the PO Box/ Private Bag lobby operated by New Zealand Post which offers the service, which you have nominated for your use of the Service.

“Force Majeure Event” means any event or circumstance beyond our control, including acts of God, action or inaction of any regulatory authority, civil disturbance or riots, emergency conditions, labour disputes, statutory constraint, wars, strikes, fires or other catastrophes, theft, equipment failure and acts of terrorism.

“ParcelPod”  means the parcel lockers installed at the accessible location.

“ParcelPod Address” means the address in the format specified on the ParcelPod website, including your ParcelPod ID and the location of the ParcelPod from which you wish to collect your parcel.

“ParcelPod Key” means the locker key made available in your Box to enable you to collect your parcel from the ParcelPod.

“ParcelPod website” means the website.

“Prohibited Item” means any item which is:

  • inadequately or insecurely packaged for storage, handling or carriage;
  • food or otherwise perishable;
  • illegal or prohibited by law for sale or carriage in New Zealand; or
  • listed in the General Terms and Service Terms for Courier Services as a perishable item, prohibited item, valuable item or dangerous goods. These include items such as currency, credit or gift cards, perfume, aerosols and aftershave; fragile items, chocolate, precious metals, lithium batteries, and firearms.

“Sender” means the retailer or other person who is sending to you the parcel which is the subject of the Service.