PO Box notification terms and conditions

By applying for the PO Box notification service you are agreeing to comply with these terms, which should be read alongside the PO Box terms and conditions.

The notification service

The notification service provides you with an email alerting you to the presence of a mail item in your PO Box.

The notification service is available on each day that your PO Box Lobby receives mail delivery. You will only be notified if there is an addressed mail item or parcel in your PO Box. One email will be sent per day and will state that there is a mail item in the PO Box and/or parcel at the PO Box Lobby ready to be collected. No notification will be sent if there is an unaddressed mail item in your PO Box.

The timing of the emails should correspond with the services standard of the PO Box Lobby - namely 7.30 am for the priority service and 9am for the standard service. However the timing may vary.

You may vary the timing and frequency of the email notifications by contacting your PO Box Lobby. You may also change your preferences so that you only receive email notifications when there are no mail items or parcels to collect.

We cannot provide the notification service for a PO Box if:

  • there is a current redirection request in place
  • the PO Box has been closed for any reason, including non-payment
  • there is a dispute in relation to that PO Box
  • you transfer your PO Box to a Box Lobby where the notification service is not available.


Only the PO Box holder can apply for the notification service and there can be only one specified email address per PO Box. An activation email will be sent to the address given on the application form containing a link to click on to confirm that the address is correct and activate the account.

It is the PO Box holder’s responsibility to ensure that the email address given is correct and current. The PO Box holder must notify us at the Box Lobby counter if they wish to change the address to which the notification emails are sent. In the event of any dispute as to who should receive the notification emails, the notification service will be suspended until the matter is resolved to our satisfaction.

If a PO Box is closed due to non-payment, customers may be required to complete a new application form if they wish to continue to receive notifications.

We will endeavour to provide you with an accurate and timely service, however it is still your responsibility to clear your PO Box in a timely manner. We do not accept any liability for the timing and accuracy of the notification service.

The PO Box holder can choose to cease receiving the notification service at any time by following the instructions in the emails as to how to unsubscribe.

We will only use the email address given for the purpose of providing the notification service.