Apply for a PO Box or Private Bag

Apply for a PO Box or Private Bag at your local PostShop for safe and convenient delivery of your mail.


Great for

  • When you are away on holiday and don’t want to worry about an overflowing letterbox.
  • Picking up your mail up when it suits – most of our lobbies have 24 hour access.
  • Keeping the same mailing address if you move house within the same area.
  • For a fee you can have your mail picked up and delivered by courier.

What to bring to your local NZ Post store

To set up a New Zealand Post PO Box or Private Bag you need to visit your local NZ Post store.

Bring the following things with you

  • The annual fee for the service you require.
  • Photo ID (current Drivers Licence, Passport or Hospitality NZ 18+ card).
  • If you are a business, you are also required to bring a letter of authorisation on business letterhead or a copy of the certificate of incorporation.

Visit your local NZ Post store to complete your application.