Rural Delivery

If you live in rural New Zealand, Rural Post can deliver your mail and CourierPost items as well as provide a pick up service for outgoing mail and CourierPost items, free of charge.

There are a number of rural delivery services available to existing and new rural customers however, because some addresses are remote, receiving the service isn’t automatic and it may not always be possible to provide a mail delivery service to your gate.

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Rural delivery service types

As a rural delivery customer you need to apply and be accepted for the rural delivery service that best fits your situation.  The service types are:

  • gate delivery
  • housing developments and aggregated delivery points.

Gate delivery

Gate delivery is only available where the property is located in an area where an existing rural delivery service passes and the mailbox can be easily and safely serviced from a vehicle (please refer to mailbox requirements and position).

Where gate delivery services are not able to be provided, a mail delivery service will be provided to a single or aggregated delivery point (nests of mailboxes), placed at an agreed location within the existing delivery route that is closest to the applicant’s property. Depending on individual circumstances, this may be at the entrance to a specific road or to the nearest terminal point on the existing delivery.

Housing developments and aggregated delivery points

Where a housing development is established on, or close to an existing rural delivery route, a mail delivery service will only be provided to aggregated delivery points (nests of boxes) at an agreed location. This is usually within the existing delivery route that is closest to the development.

Depending on individual circumstances, this may be at the entrance to a specific road, the entrance to the development, or to strategically / centrally placed mailbox nests within the development, (provided these are within the existing delivery route and does not impact on the existing network by doing so).

You will need to check that the rural delivery service is available in your area by contacting our Customer Service Centre. If the service is not available, ask about other New Zealand Post delivery services that may be available including Private Box, Counter Delivery or Community mailboxes.

Applying for Rural Delivery Service

To apply for a rural delivery service you need to complete a Rural Delivery Service Agreement. You can do this at your local PostShop.

On being accepted for the service, you will be advised of your correct postal address. Don’t forget to redirect your mail to your new postal address. A redirection form can be completed online or at your local PostShop. You will need to present some form of identification.

Receiving mail with the Rural Delivery Service

As well as applying to be registered as a Rural Post customer, you can also redirect your mail from your current address to your new rural address. You can do this by redirecting your mail online.

Rural delivery mail should be addressed as follows:

Mr W L Smith
21 Greens Road
RD 2
Ruawai 0592

Mail addressed to people not listed in your Rural Delivery Service Agreement should be addressed c/- your name and Rural Delivery address:

Mr & Mrs G O'Brien
C/- Mr W L Smith
21 Greens Road
RD 2
Ruawai 0592

Sending mail from a rural mailbox

Outgoing mail and CourierPost items can be collected by your Rural Post owner-driver. Raise the flag on your mailbox to show mail is waiting to be picked up.

The correct postage should also be applied to your items - your Rural Post owner-driver can tell you the right postage and sell you stamps and a selected range of other products.

Rural mailbox requirements

Your rural mail will be delivered if your mailbox:

  • has a minimum size of 400mm deep x 270mm wide x 270mm high, with a flag fitted to indicate mail is awaiting collection
  • provides access by a front-opening, non-locking hinged door and fitted with a mail slot large enough for large magazines to be placed inside without bending or opening the door. The mail slot should be no less than 250mm x 30mm. Mail should drop out of sight to keep it secure
  • is located to allow easy, all-weather access and positioned so your Rural Post owner-driver can reach it without leaving their vehicle. The best location may not always be by your gate. It‘s important you comply with local bylaws, traffic regulations and phone/power cable requirements. Please discuss your options with your Rural Post owner-driver before constructing your mailbox
  • has the street/road number of your property (if available) clearly printed on the box in numerals at least 25mm high. Local Authorities are progressively allocating numbers to all properties in their area and your property may already have a number allocated. If not, or if you would prefer to use your name, please feature your initials and surname, or company name.

Height and positioning of mail slot

The recommended height of your mailbox mail slot is between 1m and 1.2m from the ground. This allows easy and safe access without the Rural Post owner-driver having to get out of their vehicle.

You can buy a purpose-built rural mailbox from selected retail and hardware outlets.

Changing your rural delivery details

If you need to change details such as your name, phone number or the names of people living at your address, simply ask for a Change of Customer Details form at your local PostShop.

Cancelling your Rural Delivery Service

If you no longer require the Rural Delivery Service, you’ll need to ask for a Change of Customer Details form at your local PostShop.

You can also redirect your mail from your current rural address to your new address. You can do this by redirecting your mail online.

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