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Your favourite brands don’t ship to NZ?
Have your shopping delivered to us and we’ll ship it to you. It’s easy - we ‘ll give you a UK & US shipping address to enter at any online checkout. Watch the video.
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Features of YouShop

Quick online estimates
With our online shipping calculator tool

Repack service
We check to see if we can save you money by repacking your item into smaller packaging.

Consolidate & save
Choose to combine multiple parcels before shipping to NZ to save money.

Track your parcels
Using our online tracking tool

Regular updates
We’ll send you notifications about your parcel’s status.

Sea Freight option for air-prohibited and large items (USA only)
Purchase items like perfume, batteries and electronics from USA and ship via Sea Freight.

Check what you can and can’t ship with YouShop

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How YouShop works

  1. Shop online

    Shop like a local then enter your YouShop address at the checkout. Pay for shipping and we'll send it to NZ.

  2. Pay and we'll send

    We'll let you know when we've received your parcel.

  3. Receive your parcel

    Track your parcel delivery to your door, or select one of our alternative delivery options.


Introducing Sea Freight

Save up to 50%

More shopping freedom

Ship larger parcels

Ship with Sea Freight and save up to 50% on shipping costs compared to our Air Freight service.

Buy the things you love that can't be shipped by air, like perfume, batteries, and electronics.

Don't worry about size - using Sea Freight you can ship parcels up to 99kg, or 2 cubic metres.

Find out more about Sea Freight