Completing Customs documentation for: sending items UNDER $1000 overseas with Economy, Economy Plus, or Courier services

You need to complete one document: a consignment note. See the steps below on how to complete this.

Step 1. Fill out a form

To do this you can:

Do it online: The easiest option. If you use Print Postage Online or Rate Finder to send a parcel overseas, you can fill out and then print consignment notes as part of your online booking.   

Go to a store: If you're sending your parcel from an NZ Post store, you will be able to fill out all the customs documentation you need. Find a store

Step 2: Attach the form to your package

You will need to attach the document to the outside of your package.

You can:

  • print the electronic note onto adhesive paper and attach or 
  • use tape to attach it or 
  • place it in a clear plastic pouch. You can get clear pouches at an NZ Post store or at our online shop.

Please ensure the shipping label or bar-code is facing out.

More about consignment notes