Fashioning a solution to a waste problem

In 2012 we identified that a vast number of our used uniforms – up to 9,000 every year – were still in good condition, but were ending up being used as rags or shredded.

We decided to address the problem of what happened to our older uniforms by looking for ways to repurpose them.

We collaborated with EarthLink Apparel, Booker Spalding and Massey University, and were supported by social enterprise incubator Ākina. We now have a working solution that allows the uniform material to be de-logoed and distributed for re-use into items such as new clothes for children and women's fashion.

In 2015, Earthlink Apparel launched a range of kidswear out of the New Zealand Post and Kiwibank uniforms, while Massey University’s Space Between developed the ‘Fundamentals womenswear range’ manufactured by Earthlink Apparel.

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