RedClick consignment note lodgement

Automate the consignment note process when sending multiple parcels or courier items internationally and within New Zealand, with our online lodgement tool RedClick.

Redclick will no longer be available for use from 30 June 2021. To continue lodging after this date, you can explore one of the NZ Post electronic lodgement tools:

Please contact your business manager if you would like to discuss your lodgement options and labelling solutions that will work for your business.

RedClick is our online service that enables you to generate and print your own documentation for a range of New Zealand Post’s sending solutions.

It’s easy to use, reduces errors and will save you time and best of all, RedClick is free to New Zealand Post Account customers and in most cases won’t require you to install additional software.

Benefits of using RedClick

  • Print sending documentation as and when required.
  • If you have multiple shipments, you can load the name and address details as one file and all the documentation you need will be automatically generated.
  • Can be fully integrated with your order management system.
  • Track parcels sent with International Express Courier and International Courier services. Information is updated every two hours.
  • Automatically import your customer data into RedClick by additionally downloading RedClick Connector.

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