Delivery at a time that suits

"Thanks to our alliance with NZ Post we can offer our customers the option to have their garments delivered in the evening, until 8:30pm. This is a key competitive advantage." Daniel Bali, E-Commerce Manager, Hallenstein Brothers.

Want to offer your customers evening deliveries? You can.

One of the side effects of working a 9-5 job is that you are rarely home during the day. That means deliveries can happen when you aren’t around, and you may receive a ‘card to call’ asking you to pick up the item from your nearest depot.

This isn’t always ideal, especially if you need the item in question urgently.

As a company famous for selling garments like suits, Hallenstein BrothersOpens in a new window. is acutely aware of their customers’ needs for fast delivery at a time that’s convenient to them. After all, important meetings, weddings and job interviews wait for no man.

Working closely with NZ Post, Hallensteins Brothers now offers their customers the option of ‘Same Day Evening Delivery’. It’s ideal for those shopping to a tight deadline. Simply tick the option, and if you live in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch you can have your garments delivered between 6pm and 8:30pm on the evening of the same day you bought them.

Just imagine. You suddenly remember you have a big family dinner with the in-laws, but you’ve got nothing to wear. Now you can order a suit online at Hallenstein Brothers in the morning, and have it arrive at your doorstep that very evening.

This is great news for busy people, people who work during the day, or anyone who occasionally finds themselves in a last-minute shopping rush.

Want to make your customers’ night? You can.