Taking great care of skincare

“Work with someone who can take charge of the things you’re asking them to do.” That’s why Tailor Skincare CEO Sara Quilter asked NZ Post to handle her logistics.

Skincare is super-competitive and the logistics can make or break you. But Sara Quilter succeeded, and you can too.

Small beginnings, big ideas

Sara Quilter’s vision for Tailor was a lot bigger than its modest beginnings in her father’s workshop with a cake mixer and a bag of clay. She’d created a range of personally tailored beauty products and recommendations, hence the name Tailor.

She also had the ambition to grow and after thorough research, she switched to NZ Post to deliver the products she’s so passionate about. She found NZ Post to be a better fit for her business. Straight away, the quality of the service she received went up and with the right packaging, the number of breakages went down.

Logistics challenges were solved on the spot with eShip. “The automated system, once we got it up and running and plugged into the website was fantastic.” says Sara. “That’s so important for an eCommerce business.”

Even a busy day with 100 or more parcels being sent is no problem. Parcel labels are printed and adhered onto the right packages and then they’re good to go- all automatic and effortless.

There’s far less customer queries on parcel status, which frees up Sara’s time for the bigger things. eShip tells customers when their order has shipped and where it’s at, which they really appreciate. “They have the tracking number and they know to contact NZ Post instead of Tailor, which makes it much easier for us.” Sara says. They can track their parcel along the entire process and even have it delivered to a PO Box.

If Sara needs to check the previous day’s orders, the data can be pulled up quickly. On-Demand reporting is also available to track parcel volumes.

NZ Post even meets Sara’s business value of being environmentally responsible with a sustainable packaging range. “They’re a really big part of the way we ship. You can recycle it and our customers really love it.

A great relationship

Sara’s Account Manager is in regular contact with her to ensure she gets the very best from eShip. In Sara’s words, it’s all about “knowing someone has got your back.” She even has a good relationship with her two courier drivers, “They’re just lovely.” she says with a smile.

Geared for growth

It’s no coincidence Tailor’s growth coincided with Sara’s decision to switch to NZ Post. And this is just the start of a stellar future.

While Sara’s goal is to continue expanding globally, she wants to reap the maximum benefits of the domestic market and take advantage of NZ Post’s competitive rates. At this stage in her business, that’s critical for the bottom line. 

As Tailor’sOpens in a new window. customer base and shipping volume grows, Sara can increase the level of service she gets from eShip for no additional charge.

Lessons learnt

Every day, Sara is glad she did her homework and chose the right logistics partner. Would she recommend NZ Post to another business? "Yeah, I definitely would. If they are struggling with the admin side of things and needed to go to the next level and automate their ordering system, 100%. And for a skincare business, if they have fragile goods, yes!"

Want to automate your fulfilment? With eShip, You can.