Winging kiwi cookies to the world

"International customers can be eating a cookie from the same batch as someone picking one up at a local dairy." Jared Handcock, NZ Post’s International Solutions Manager for Cookie Time.

Want to enjoy the delicious taste of a fresh Cookie Time cookie, no matter where you are in the world? Now you can thanks to a tailored overseas delivery solution developed with New Zealand Post.

Cookie Time is an iconic Kiwi brand, loved throughout the country for more than 30 years. And often sought after by Kiwis offshore – keen to share a taste of home with friends and families.

For these overseas cookie munchers, getting their hands on a fresh delivery of NZ goodness just became a whole lot simpler thanks to a bespoke delivery solution developed with New Zealand Post.

It’s called The Postcard Cookie™ and it’s the hero product for Cookie Time’s exciting new Cookie Muncher Cookie Bar online store.

Customers simply choose from three flavours, and two sizes of cookie. Their choice is then sent in a unique, postcard-style box – complete with personal message – to almost any destination world-wide.

You can choose a standard Cookie Muncher message or create your own, like ‘Remember these mate?’ or, ‘Come back soon we miss you!’ with your baked wonder, delivered globally at the flat rate of just $10.00.

Introduced in late 2014, Postcard Cookies are now flying out of the door, with hundreds of customers – both within New Zealand and overseas – buying them to send to family and friends.

Keeping it fresh

The secret is in the speed of delivery. The Postcard Cookie delivery solution offered by NZ Post mitigates shelf life considerations in product shipping, as the cookies arrive in a short timeframe – fresh and tasty.

“Airmail delivery means international customers can be eating a cookie from the same batch as someone picking one up at a local dairy,” says Jared Handcock, NZ Post’s dedicated International Solutions Manager for Cookie Time. “Our delivery solution has opened up a different market. And we’re now looking at further international delivery options for the other products Cookie Time sell online.”

Making hard look easy

Postcard Cookies and the Cookie Muncher online store are managed by Cookie Time’s sister company, Cookie Time International.

The online store launch is the second major initiative for the international business, following the opening of a licensed Cookie Muncher Cookie Bar in Harajuku, Tokyo, in February 2014.

Jared Handcock says a number of variables had to be worked through. “Postage charges were a perceived obstacle. They also needed to navigate US FDA rules, which require a separate approval for each imported food item. And at first Cookie Time weren’t sure whether fast, reliable delivery could be achieved for the large numbers of small products they wanted to send each day.”

Finding the answer

“We worked through the issues and gave them a customised solution based on our International Air Satchel. Each holds about 100 Postcard Cookies, picked up and dispatched the same day.”

There are also big benefits to sending in bulk: “There’s one collection, which we can monitor and make sure it is hitting service standards. It’s also allowed us to make the whole process work for Cookie Time,” Jared says.

All in all, Postcard Cookies have proven an instant success, and a great way to share an iconic taste of New Zealand throughout the world.

Want to surprise Kiwis living overseas? Now you can.

Buy your Postcard Cookies here: in a new window.