International mail updates

Events outside New Zealand Post's control may affect delivery times for mail sent to and from New Zealand to some international destinations. There may also be items that we are temporarily unable to accept.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phones prohibited on all International Services

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For all international delivery targets see our world zones.

Affected destinations:


Sending honey

We are still working through compliance requirements with MPI for sending honey to China. In the meantime we can continue to accept personal parcels of honey over the PostShop counter.


Requirements for sending Passports to India using International Express Courier:

  • Shipments must be addressed to an Embassy/Consulate/Regulatory body.
  • Shipments must travel as a “Non Document” with an official letter to accompany it.
  • Value of the goods must be the stated as the replacement value of the passport.

Precious metal and stones to India via International Express Courier

Items made of (or mostly consisting of) precious metals and gemstones may not be sent to India with International Express Courier.

This applies to items made of gold, silver, rhodium, platinum, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal and amethyst. It also applies to other precious metals and gemstones.

If a shipment contains fake precious metals or gemstones (e.g. imitation gold jewellery), this should be clearly specified on the airway bill and invoice. It will then be sent for testing and valuation before it can be customs-cleared and forwarded to the end receiver.

Shipping precious metals and gemstones from India is acceptable. Here the only limitation is the import regulations of the destination country.


Due to current events in the country, Libya has suspended the processing of incoming and outgoing mail. We hope to restore our regular service as soon as possible.


Requirements for sending parcels to Russia using International Express Courier:

  • Parcels (gifts, merchandise or samples) sent to Russia using International Express Courier must be addressed from a business in New Zealand and addressed to a business in Russia.
  • Documents sent to Russia using International Express Courier may be addressed from, and/or to an individual party.


Due to continuing unrest we are experiencing delays with mail delivery to Syria. We hope to restore our regular service as soon as possible.


Due to government decree, International Express delivery service in Tajikistan has been suspended until further notice. Actions are being taken to resolve the situation.


Due to the situation in Ukraine all mail items addressed to the Crimea region are currently not able to be delivered. The post codes affected are 95000-99999.


Due to the escalating political situation in Yemen, mail dispatches have been suspended until further notice.

Items we are temporarily not accepting

Due to circumstances outside of our control, we are not accepting the following items until further notice:

  • Toner cartridges sent to any international destination.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phones prohibited on all International Services - 3 October 2016

Please note that effective immediately all Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones will not be permitted to be sent by any international service including International Express Courier, International Courier and International Air to any international destination.

This includes all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices, including newly manufactured ones from the factory and old Samsung Note7 devices recalled from customers and retailers and distributors.