International Air Letters

Our most cost-effective international sending option to send your items to 220 destinations worldwide, with a 3-10 working day delivery target.

Delivery target : 3-10 working days

You have the flexibility of three envelope size options, up to a maximum weight of 200g.

The cost to send by International Air depends on the destination, weight and the size of the item.

Size Max dimensions
(height x length x thickness)
Max weight Required postage
for Australia and South Pacific
Required postage
for Rest of the world
Aerogrammes and postcards 130mm x 235mm 10g $2.70 $2.70
Medium 130mm x 235mm x 5mm 100g $2.70 $3.50
Large 165mm x 235mm x 10mm 200g $3.50 $4.20
Oversize 260mm x 385mm x 10mm 200g $4.70 $6.30

All prices include GST and may vary in store. Items larger than 260mm x 385mm, thicker than 10mm or heavier than 200g are classified as parcels.

Sending by International Air

International Air items must contain paper-based written or printed documents only.

Your item needs to be in an envelope with an International Air sticker in the top left-hand corner and the correct postage, or in an International Air Postage Included Envelope.

Lodge your mail at your local NZ Post retail outlet.

Things you need to know

There are a few other things you need to know about this service:

  • Tracking is not offered with this service.
  • For updates on delivery delays or items we temporarily cannot accept, please visit international delivery updates page.
  • Ensure your item is safe to send by checking our prohibited and restricted items information.
  • Letters generally do not require a Customs declaration form. However, if the letter contains a declarable value (e.g. a calendar) then the appropriate Customs declaration form must be filled in and attached to the letter*.
  • No compensation is payable for loss of or damage to items sent by International Air.

Next steps

* Under the Postal Services Act, New Zealand Post is unable to accept any liability or cover for letters including those letters that require a Customs declaration form. If you require coverage for a letter that has a declared value and requires a Customs declaration form, then you can use our Air Parcel Service.