NZ Post’s Southern Operations Centre celebrates one year of delivering what people care about

22 June 2018

More than 13 and a half million parcels have passed through NZ Post’s Southern Operations Centre in Christchurch since it opened in May last year.

New Zealand Post Regional Service Delivery Manager John Roche says the $8 million facility in Dakota Park at Christchurch Airport recognises Christchurch’s importance in the nationwide courier and mail network.

“The Southern Operations Centre has been a significant development and confirms NZ Post’s commitment to the city and its rebuild.”

The airport location has resulted in a more efficient operation and better services for customers, he says.

“We have 22 dedicated flights in and 22 flights out each week. This increases when volumes increase, which is typically following a long weekend or at the start of a new month when people have been shopping more online, and it increases to over 30 flights in and out towards Christmas.

“Over the course of a year, we expect to operate around 1,200 flights in and out of Christchurch, carrying around 20,000 tonnes of priority CourierPost freight between the North and South Islands.

“The integrated air, road and automated parcel processing Centre is a strategic hub that connects both islands, and Christchurch to the rest of the world.”

One of the first customers to realise the benefits of being strategically located on the site has been Kiwi icon CookieTime, with New Zealand Post 3rd Party Logistics developing a dedicated distribution centre, providing warehousing and daily express delivery of their fresh cookies and products throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Christchurch Airport’s Property Portfolio Manager John Raso says the airport company is delighted by how busy the new operations hub has been.

“The location of the Southern Operations Centre is ideal, utilizing the link with Christchurch International Airport’s airfield and roading network,” he says.